Welcome to the Office of Dr. Tami Ross and Dr. Amber Roby

At Leadership Square Eyecare, our purpose is to offer our patients a unique, unexpected experience from a progressive optometric practice that provides “cutting edge” patient care through use of advanced technology and exceptional patient relations.

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As a commitment to our patients and our community, our office will remain open for emergent services. Whether your emergency is a pair of broken eyeglasses, an empty contact lens box, or an ugly red eye, our staff is here to help. Although we are observing proper disinfection rules and social distancing, if you are concerned about coming inside the office, we can deliver your needed items curbside or by mail. While we are still honoring scheduled appointments for patients, if you feel at all uncomfortable keeping your appointment, our staff will be happy to help you reschedule.

It is our goal to provide necessary services to our patients, their friends and families, and to our community. If you or someone you know has an ocular/vision issue, please contact our office. Our emergency rooms and urgent care clinics are overrun with other health urgencies. Let us continue to be your eyecare experts during this time of need.

Dr. Tami Ross
Dr. Amber Roby